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Christmas is a time for giving and making those around us feel special. Entrepreneurs can make this gift giving experience a memorable and thoughtful one. One aspect of providing products that are more than just items but an experience, is how the gift is presented. Gifts that communicate thought and care are often those that come in lovely packaging. So, how can you bundle up the Christmas cheer with creative packages this year?

In this blog, Entrepreneur Weekly will provide practical, creative and innovative ways to deliver the Christmas cheer to your customers. According to Packhelp, “Christmas packaging design is a fantastic way to add a little extra value to your products during the holidays and make both your customer and the gift recipient feel like they’re holding something a little extra special.”

Modern Packaging
The modern world has provided ways to make packaging a part of your brand message as well as communicate that your business is creative and innovative. EPac said “The most cutting-edge consumer brands today are using their creativity to stand out on the shelves. From literally featuring works of fine art on their bags, to using negative space, and even turning their pouches into vintage throwbacks to the 1800s, startup brands are blurring the boundaries between functional design and artistic masterpieces.”
Christmas is a great time to experiment with different looks for your packaging. The options are endless with the festivity that this season brings. Make your packages stand out from traditional Christmas looks by doing your research and looking at modern design styles that are trending.

Festive Themed Looks
The Christmas season comes with particular themes and looks that represent various features of the holiday. Pine trees, ornaments, ribbons and for us in Jamaica, we have sorrel, pepper lights and authentic chocolate tea. Incorporating these in your package design will quickly put your customers in the festive mood. Tastefully using these elements as graphics in your wrapping, on your bags and boxes without overkilling it will bring the right balance of festivity to your products.

There are also distinct colours typically used during this time and if we were to ask you what are the Christmas colours, you would probably quickly and correctly say green and red. But how can you manipulate these standard looks this year? Playing around with texture and matte finishes is a fun and chic way to still be festive yet trendy.

Entrepreneurs can also manipulate different colour schemes and shades that fall into the festive range of colours. Packhelp encourages thinking about other colour combinations that still come across as celebratory. They said “When it comes to colour pairing, one way to stand out is to choose black and gold. Black brings elegance and simplicity to mind, while gold is associated with luxury and adds a sense of attraction. Even the simplest patterns will look more premium when designed in those two colours.”

Use Technology
Technology has afforded a wide range of options for packaging in 2022. This Christmas time is a great way to stand out using technological elements in your packages. An example is using QR codes in your packaging that directs clients to other offers and specials on your e-commerce platforms. Packfactory said “With the emergence of augmented reality (AR), we’ve started to see what role interactive tech will play in the future of packaging design. Over the next decade, consumers will be able to virtually test-drive products, examine packaging options, and interact with game elements, as companies build brand recognition and provide new forms of entertainment through packaging and products.”

Make it Personal
There are very few things that communicate a meaningful message than personalised notes and messages. Small businesses have the opportunity to make this Christmas season special by allowing customers the option of making personalised inserts in their gifts. Entrepreneurs can provide a “build a box” option for their clients that allow customers the opportunity to curate special items from a list of options.

Along with this, businesses can provide special tokens to their loyal customers that personally thank them for their support throughout the year, as Christmas is also a time for gratitude. You can insert handwritten notes into these packages or view their previous purchases and drop a free item into their box this Christmas.

JBDC and Your Products
The JBDC Incubator and Resource Centre has a Technical Services Department that provides Product Development support. Entrepreneurs are supported with packaging & brand design services. JBDC develops visual elements which suit the company or brand profile with designs which are done in keeping with current trends that have market appeal. Book a consultation with the team at



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