An agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce, the JBDC is Jamaica’s premier business development organisation working collaboratively with government, private sector, as well as, academic, research and international communities.



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what we offer

Effective Interventions for your Business

Whether you are planning to become an entrepreneur or you have already begun your journey, JBDC’s suite of services can significantly impact your success. We have served thousands of Jamaican entrepreneurs across various industries ‘From Concept to Market’. How can we help you?

Business Advisory Services

We act as a resource centre for entrepreneurs by answering queries, providing information such as details about the business environment that business owners need to know about.

Technical Services

We assist clients in improving existing or creating new products which are market-ready and meet required national and international standards and regulations.


The JBDC Incubators provide short-term production facilities for MSMEs in Craft, Fashion & Sewn Products and Agro-processing.

Marketing Services

Through a thorough screening process, we assess a product’s strengths and weaknesses to guide clients to prepare their products/services for the market.

our priorities

Core Values


We uphold honesty, decency and good morals in our dealings with staff and clients. We expect employees to be truthful, fair, and upright in their interactions with clients and with each other so as to build a harmonious and productive work environment accentuated with trust and sincerity.


This is the key to creating new methods, processes and products, and JBDC, as an enabling provider for MSMEs, encourages the application of creativity, information, and initiative toward the development of goods and services that create value.


JBDC has a practical, ethical and legal obligation to protect the interests of our clients, business partners and employees. Confidential information relating to our company, clients and staff is entrusted to employees with the requirement that these will be handled honourably and conservatively.

Quality in Engagement

As a premier capacity-building establishment for MSMEs, our consultations with clients will have both relevance and substance. We will focus on meeting our customers’ needs, and on providing superior customized advice and solutions to entrepreneurial aspirations and challenges.


We believe in focusing on the solution rather than on the problem. Employees are encouraged to use their experience and knowledge to systematically and strategically find workable solutions to problems through the application of internal resources, or where necessary, the engagement of appropriate external resources.

what we do

Our Programmes

Regardless of the stage of the entrepreneur’s development, there is a programme at JBDC which provides the critical intervention needed for growth. With the only incubation system of its kind in Jamaica, we are serious about taking our clients ‘From Concept to Market’.

Serving MSMEs In Jamaica

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