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Minister of Industry and Commerce Audley Shaw is calling for employers to maintain good relations with their employees in light of a local study which revealed that approximately 24 per cent of employees are disengaged.

“The National Employee Engagement Report Jamaica 2016, which was designed and executed by the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Project Management and Project Research Department, revealed that at the national level, 75.5 per cent of the labour force is engaged, with 41.5 per cent being actively engaged and 35 per cent being moderately engaged. This means that 24.5 per cent or approximately one in four employees is disengaged either moderately or actively,” Shaw said.

He was speaking at the JBDC Employee Engagement Conference 2018, which was held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on Monday.

Shaw said there is a problem of falling standards and human underdevelopment in the country, and, as such, he is calling for employers to ensure that the standards of their employees are held high and they do not feel underdeveloped.

“Every employer has an opportunity to collectively begin to treat with that crisis by treating their employees in a humane way, giving them the opportunity for professional development on the job; teach them, motivate them about their objectives and the mission of the organisation,” Shaw said.

“Lift up their levels of personal outputs and personal productivity; give them pride at the workplace. We have a responsibility to improve employee engagement, in particular the micro, small [and] medium-sized enterprises, if we are to drive up productivity and prosperity,” he added.

The minister said the Government wants to see more employees actively engaged and more motivated to achieve the “vision for a better Jamaica”.

“Our commitment is to move towards the 2030 Vision, which has been focusing on stabilising our economy, creating a more business-friendly environment, stimulating local investment and unleashing the energies of our people,” he explained.

Shaw said the world’s top-performing organisations understand that employee participation is a force that drives productivity, profit, customer satisfaction and loyalty, retention of valuable staff and other key performance outcomes.

The conference will be held until October 23 under the theme ‘Disturb. Reconnect. Engage’.

It is being hosted for approximately 500 employers with the objective of empowering and encouraging them to transform their workplaces into spaces that inspire their employees, and offer the kind of leadership and appropriate management systems that will enable their employees to understand and accept their role as important stakeholders in business processes, and as key players in achieving sustainable productivity.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner


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