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14 Camp Road, Kingston

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) recently hosted a delegation from the Bahamas. The delegation constituted members of the Access Accelerator, Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) along with members of the Bahamian Trade Commission, Senate and Chamber of Commerce. The visit was held at both the JBDC Camp Road location and Incubator & Resource Centre on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

Ms. Samantha Rolle, SBDC Executive Director said “Our connection with the JBDC, in the form of this technical visit is extremely invaluable to us. We say that because we realise that JBDC for the 20 plus years, they have been operating and evolving.”

Continuing, Ms. Rolle said “One of the key takeaways from our introductory meeting with Ms. Valerie Veira and Mr. Harold Davis was about always maintaining a step ahead to pull MSMEs forward and so that is important to make sure there isn’t a disconnect in the services a SBDC or an entity in the advancement of MSME sector, not disconnect and lose what is needed to help support and push forward MSMEs.”

Ms. Valerie Veira, Chief Executive Officer, JBDC said “We are always interested in sharing what we do here at the JBDC and we know that each country has its own special flair, so we take pleasure in the exchange of experiences and knowledge.” Speaking on the delegation touring the JBDC facilities, Ms. Veira said “Each centre has its own special focus, which means we are able to touch many opportunities from various industries and that is very important for us, as our mandate is to lead the development of the MSME sector.”

SBDC Bahamas is a non-profit entity organised under the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, to promote and enhance entrepreneurship and increase the ability of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as drive the development of a robust and resilient economy for the Bahamian public.

The objective of the visit was to meet with entities that, in partnership with JBDC, are critical in the support and development of entrepreneurs and the MSME sector in Jamaica. This will assist SBDC Bahamas to consider effective and efficient ways to evolve in structure and programmatic interventions for sustained growth and success of their organisation.

Samantha L. Rolle, Executive Director of Access Accelerator, SBDC Bahamas shares with the JBDC team of the work being done through the organisation.
Ms. Phyllice Bethel, Deputy Executive Director, SBDC Bahamas engaging in discussion with the JBDC team at their recent visit to the JBDC’s Camp Road location.
(Left to Right) Mrs. Melissa Barrett, Manager, Business Advisory Services, JBDC, Ms. Valerie Veira, Chief Executive Officer, JBDC and Mr. Harold Davis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, JBDC enjoy the introductory discussions with the group of delegates from the Bahamas.
 The Bahamian delegation receiving a tour of the JBDC’s Things Jamaican™ Corporate store and shopping for local gifts and craft products on display.
 (Right) Ms. Judith Mckenzie, SBDC Project Analyst being attended to at the Things Jamaican™  store by Mrs. Karen Shirley-Green, Senior Sales Assistant, JBDC.
Ms. Michelle Parkins, Chief Technical Director, Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce addresses the luncheon with Bahamian delegates and JBDC team.
(Centre) Senator Barry Griffin- Vice President of the Senate of Bahamas and Deputy Chairman of the Bahamas Trade Commission and Mr. Leo Rolle- Director, Client Advisory Services shares with members of the JBDC executive in their introductory meeting.
(Right) Samantha L. Rolle, Executive Director of Access Accelerator, SBDC Bahamas and Mr. Harold Davis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, JBDC share a smile at the introductory meeting with the Bahamian delegation and JBDC team.
Members of the Bahamian delegation, alongside Executives and team members of the JBDC as well as members of the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce (MIIC) pose for a photograph before the commencement of the knowledge exchange discussion.
(Left) Ms. Ashley Dorsett, Trade and Finance Officer, Trade Commission and Mrs. Wendy Palma Beckford, Senior Project Officer, SBDC Jamaica admire and discuss the products at the Things Jamaican™ Corporate store.
(Left to Right) Mr. Colin Porter, Manager, Technical Services, JBDC demontrates the use one of the machines in the Essential Oils Incubator to Ms. D’Krizia Bartlett, Trade Commissioner and Mr. Don Williams, Treasurer at Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Federation. 


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