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According to a report produced by the British Council and the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) titled Mapping Jamaica’s Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) there are a wide range of sub sectors that fall into this industry. Some of these include music, literature and publishing, visual arts, design, film, television, broadcast and gifts and crafts. The Entrepreneur Weekly will focus on a family-owned business that has taken the creative gift and craft business and brand Jamaica to noteworthy levels. Ms. Lacey-Ann Bartley, Managing Director of Bartley’s All-In-Wood tells the tales of the successes and bumps in the road as a creative entrepreneur that is involved in manufacturing.

About Bartley’s All-In-Wood
Bartley’s designs, manufactures and sells quality 100% Jamaican handcrafted wooden souvenirs, gift, promotional items and furniture to wholesalers and retailers all over Jamaica. The products of this company are made from real Jamaican wood and include the artwork of gifted Jamaica craftsmen. The company boasts products fit for the home, weddings, office, hotels as well as produces work fit for gift giving and gift packaging.

The company’s vision is “To showcase the creativity of Jamaican people through world-class wood products and furniture, produced by an empowered and united industry.”

Managing Director of Bartley's All-In-Wood , Lacey-Ann Bartley
Managing Director of Bartley’s All-In-Wood , Lacey-Ann Bartley

Lacey-Ann’s Story
Lacey-Ann Bartley is a bold and audacious woman who has taken the family business into notable realms of success. However, it started from humble origins where this little girl would join her father in his woodwork shop during her childhood years. She said “as a child that’s where I would spend most of my days and evenings after school. When Lacey-Ann’s desires for entrepreneurship blossomed she had always known it would be her father’s woodwork business.

Lacey-Ann has blossomed as a professional and entrepreneur and has been awarded and recognised for her dedication to entrepreneurship and community building. In 2013 Lacey-Ann was dubbed 1st runner up for Manchester Festival Queen and in 2016 became the winner of the Guinness Made for More initiative. Lacey-Ann also received the National Bakery’s Bold Ones Award in Manufacturing and in 2016 became JBDC’s Entrepreneur of The Year.

Bartley’s – A Family’s Pride
Though still a young lady, Lacey-Ann has had years of exposure in business and says “I am driven by my love for my parents and my desire to make them proud.” She noted that as her interest in entrepreneurship grew, she had always had a heart for establishing the family business, with the values instilled in me from both parents. Their incredible work ethic as well as the strong philanthropic value system have informed much of who I am today.

Since Lacey-Ann has assumed the role of leading the charge from 2011 and after she left day job in 2014 there has been marked improvements in the family company. She said “In 2019 we became a limited liability company, the transitional period had its bumps in the road but I knew it was important to remain true to my values.”

Lacey-Ann has had the opportunity to do much for her family’s business, along with the support of her family and their employees. She said “I have helped with the formalisation of the business, setting up good governance practices, setting up an advisory board, marketing and acquiring a commercial facility in the Jamaica deaf village.” This commercial space she considers one of their biggest accomplishments and boasts that it is 10,000 square feet where they employ deaf and visually impaired individuals.

Advice for Entrepreneurs
The well-read and educated entrepreneur advises other entrepreneurs to persevere, research and plan. She noted that though she is a planner, the pandemic reminded her that it is also important to become flexible and be quick to adjust. She went on to say “It is crucial to take care of yourself and don’t neglect the things that matter most.”

The Way Forward
Lacey-Ann noted that “my vision for Bartley’s is simply expansion. We want to grow our sales portfolio, strengthen and tighten our sales processes and funnels. Though we are currently exporting we want to grow our export reach and impact.”


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