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In the month of March, join the Entrepreneur Weekly as we highlight women who have stood strong behind their businesses, faltering but never accepting failure. Every lesson gained, reinvested to build a brand that was once just a fiber of her imagination.  Sherika Anderson, Founder of RaggaNats, a Jamaican hair care brand, is a testament to ‘standing on business’ developing top-tier products.

Sherika is on a mission not only to provide top-tier products but also to spread the essence of Jamaica across the world.  Established in 2021, RaggaNats distinguishes itself by using high-quality, natural ingredients sourced from Jamaica, Africa, and India. The brand’s commitment to authenticity, Sherika explains, “The products that we have epitomise the motto of Jamaica, ‘Out of Many, One People,’ with our ingredients being from…countries that have helped to form Jamaica.”

As a Civil Engineer, Sherika’s career plans looked different from cosmetology, but her background in science and the skills passed down from her mother who also specialises in haircare was a perfect formula for her path in haircare, “I am a Civil Engineer by profession, but separate and apart from that, my mother is a hairdresser. So, I have been second-handedly within the haircare industry since birth”.

She added, “She [my mother] has always been someone who has made her own products for her customers to treat different hair issues and that stemmed over to me as I dabbed into the science aspect of creating haircare products”.

Sherika Anderson, Founder of RaggaNats
Empowering Women to Embrace Their Crowns

RaggaNats goes beyond simply offering hair care products. With this brand, Sherika aims to empower women to embrace their natural beauty. The Founder states, “I want young girls to know that the crown growing from their head is the one that God has given unto them, and it’s something for them to cherish.” This message of self-acceptance and pride resonates deeply with many Jamaican women, fostering a sense of confidence and individuality.

Sherika’s vision extends far beyond financial success. RaggaNats aspires to join the ranks of industry giants like Fenty Beauty and Shea Moisture, all while staying true to its Jamaican roots, “We want to spread Brand Jamaica, through the authenticity of our products. We want to become a household name, like the Fenty Beauty, like the Shea Moisture, like the Camille Rose. And we want to be a top cosmetic brand not only in Jamaica, but in the world.”

Continuing, Anderson says, “Brand Jamaica is something that is very important and there are so many things from Jamaica that we can use and that we can take advantage of. We just want our products to become that household name spreading brand Jamaica with everything that we have and keeping it authentic and true to what we started on and not to lose that aspect of it.”

The brand’s name itself embodies this dual focus. “RaggaNats” combines the rhythmic essence of reggae with “natural,” signifying the brand’s commitment to both Jamaican heritage and natural hair care.

Logo of organic haircare company, RaggaNats
JBDC – ‘From Concept to Market’

The brand’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Sherika was able to get the assistance of business development experts at the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC). The JBDC assisted Sherika with:

Business Planning: “I had the basic stuff already put together, but working with JBDC ensured that I created a proper business plan. So, I had a clear vision and goal for the business and also went through the analysing of the different products that I have”.

Product Assessment & Development: “I had about 14 products, and with the help of JBDC, I was able to really narrow down my product line to just one cosmetic line, which has a shampoo, a conditioner, a hair fertiliser, two hair serums, and we do make and distribute Jamaican black castor oil”. She added, “JBDC also guided me with getting the product labels approved by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, which I wasn’t aware of at the time”.

Tax Compliance: “JBDC guided me to stay within the guidelines of submission for Income tax. I did become tax compliant, paid my NIS and everything. And from that, I went on to open a business bank account.”

This Women’s History Month, the JBDC salutes all women entrepreneurs. Visit to get your business on track.


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