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Welcome to the Entrepreneur Weekly. During the holiday season, entrepreneurs find themselves at the forefront of what can only be described as the Christmas chaos. In this blog, we provide some solid tips for making the best out of this Christmas. Increased orders, delivery demands, supply chain intricacies, and the pressing question: Is it time to recruit more staff?

Order Management

The first step in managing the Christmas chaos is to forecast. Look at past data, trends, and anticipate order volumes. Forbes says, “What we do is look at the past five years of data we have and pair it with market trends and customer insights to forecast the demand we’ll be expecting this holiday season. This helps us plan better and ensure that all things are in order to fulfill the demand of customers.” Implement robust order management systems to ensure seamless processing, tracking, and fulfillment.

Supply Chain Operations

Evaluate your supply chain and identify potential hiccups. Work closely with your suppliers to ensure an adequate inventory of products. Consider establishing backup suppliers or diversifying sourcing to mitigate risks and maintain a steady flow of goods. The last thing you want is to not have enough supplies to fill your orders.

Delivery Logistics

Delivery Logistics

With an influx of orders comes the challenge of efficient delivery. Look at your current logistics and explore options for improving it. Collaborate with reliable courier service providers, optimise delivery routes, and communicate with customers about potential delays.

Staffing Needs

Can your team handle the increased workload? If not, consider employing seasonal staff. Seasonal workers can provide support during peak periods and ensure timely order processing.

Technology as a Saviour

Leverage technology to streamline all areas of operations. Invest in inventory management software, utilise automated order processing systems, and explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven tools to enhance efficiency. Technology not only reduces manual workload but also minimises errors.

Tis’ the season…Be prepared for the hustle and bustle. Stay on your game by managing key areas of your business. The key is to start planning early. Employ more staff, if necessary, fill gaps using technology, optimise delivery options, ensure goods are in adequate supply and manage orders effectively.

Things Jamaican™ Christmas Artisanal Showcase

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) is doing its part to tackle the Christmas chaos through the Things Jamaican™ retail store chain. The retail brand which provides market access for producers of authentic Jamaican products, has mounted a stellar display of artisanal products at its Corporate store located at 14 Camp Road, Kingston. The promotion which lasts until December 31, 2023, includes a showcase of 60 brands which manufacture authentic Jamaican home accessories, fashion, craft, aromatherapy, entertainment, and food products.

Marketing Services Manager at the JBDC, Janine Fletcher-Taylor, says the Christmas Artisanal Showcase offers customers a premium shopping experience, with the opportunity to schedule shopping times or drop-in at their convenience between 10:00am and 6:00pm. “We are also open on Saturday December 16 and 23 to ensure that everyone gets a chance to shop for the perfect gift or personal item. These 60 brands were strategically hand-picked by us as part of our ongoing celebration of the 60th anniversary of Things Jamaican™. They are high-quality, unique, and the best that Brand Jamaica has to offer,” she added.

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