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There is undoubtedly a unique sense of haste that comes with this latter part of the year, as many entrepreneurs scramble to import goods for their business, as well as to get their goods out to customers. There is an increase in orders, many of them being last minute, goods stuck at the port and many other woes. The efficacy of your logistics plays an important role in how this period is navigated. In this Entrepreneur Weekly blog, we look at how as an entrepreneur you can make yourself ready for this time and best serve your clients. Below we explore some tips that will be helpful for both your company and customers.

Preparation is Key

The infamous saying that goes, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” rings truer during this time as very little is worse than an entrepreneur caught off guard. As this peak season comes with its own trouble, the entrepreneur must be aware of how they critically assess their businesses. It is important that during this time, the business owner assesses what worked and did not work in previous years regarding logistics. Did you order your goods too late? Were the delivery options too minimal? What infrastructure can be put in place to improve on your performance this year?

Entrepreneurs can begin to put systems in place such as checking their inventory from now to see what is needed and begin placing orders to avoid the rush at the ports. There are local systems that alleviate how much interaction you have with the ports and leave a lot of the interaction to your broker. The Jamaica Customs Agency’s website provides insight as to how they are assisting small businesses during this time.

Another important element is looking at your business infrastructure to see if there needs to be staff specially designated to deal with the increase in orders and delivery. During the month of October, take a step back and look at your business processes and reflect on previous peak seasons and make necessary adjustments.

Automate or Be Late

The idea of automation has made its way into many of our conversations as we strive for efficiency within work. Automating certain processes is a good way to prepare for the influx of stock as well as the influx of orders. ShipBob defines logistics automation as “using technology and equipment to streamline and speed up warehouse operations and fulfillment processes to improve efficiencies.”

According to DHL Freight Connections “To minimise stress and consequently the incidence of errors, on-site processes should be automated to the greatest possible extent. This relieves the employees, who can now concentrate on their essential activities: activities, which only human workforce can truly master – and neither machines nor tools. Continuing, they said “Robots help in order picking, warehousing software helps in managing inventory, and tools for supply chain risk management help to monitor supply chains and respond to potential delays at an early stage.”

There are several software and applications that help small businesses with the various aspects of logistics, be it tracking, warehousing, inventory, delivery or customer interactions. Bringoz, Detrack and TrackPod are software that help with customer interaction. These help with Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, Knowledge Base, Chat, 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/Forum. While ERPAG, Logix Platform are good for automating inventories and helping with sales tracking. Locally, there is Jamaica Single Window for Trade (JSWIFT) that allows importers and exporters to apply for license, permits, certificates and any other international trade related documents through a single portal.

Remember your Customers

During this time, an important aspect of your business’ logistics planning must be the customer. How can your business consider your clients during this peak season and make their experience with you memorable, thus producing loyalty to your brand. As you make your own steps to secure your imports by planning ahead and capitalising on various systems put in place locally, you must remember the other aspects of your logistics which include getting the products to your customers.

DHL Freight Connections said, “For high customer satisfaction during the festive season, it is crucial to keep shoppers well informed during all stages of the purchase. When will the shipment reach the customer? Where is the package at this very moment? How can the customer receive the package if he or she is not at home at the time of delivery?” This is where designated staff and automation can help. It is important to also keep their convenience in mind by considering easy ways to order and providing multiple delivery options.

Logistics plays an integral role in the flow of your business and it is important that during this time, entrepreneurs make assessments, research available options and keep the quality of their brand and services at the forefront of their minds.

The JBDC Virtual Biz Zone webinar focused on Logistics Management for the month of October with sessions delivered by the Jamaica Customs Agency and the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce. Check out our YouTube page @JBDCJamaica to binge watch these and other valuable sessions delivered by our staff and other expert partners.


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