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North Coast artisan, Victor Wallace was the guest of honour as the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) made a Legal Deposit of its True Stories publication at the National Library of Jamaica in Kingston on July 18, 2017. The jeweller depicted the same warmth and smile which landed him the cover shot on the picturesque and enthralling 80-page glossy magazine.

“I love doing this. I got bored with other things, but not this,” says Victor who produces jewellery, key chains, cufflinks, belts and pipes using material including black cow horns, conch shells and mother of pearl shells. His work can be found in major outlets such as Things Jamaican™ and Sandals Resorts.

The magazine is JBDC’s first Legal Deposit and was officially released to the public in 2015 following the completion of the North Coast Revitalization Project (NCCRP), a collaborative effort between the JBDC and the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF). The JMD$15 million Project was aimed at improving the competitiveness and income generating capabilities of approximately 100 craft producers in the North Coast Region of the island, specifically in the parishes of St. Ann, Trelawny and St. James.

True Stories takes a look at the lives of select artisans from the Project, like Victor. “We were intrigued by the way these artisans were able to make something out of nothing prior to our intervention. Many of them hail from deep rural areas where there’s no formal production facility or equipment, yet the pieces the create are so beautiful and a proud representation of Brand Jamaica. What they want above all is support and respect,” said Valerie Veira, JBDC’s Chief Executive Officer.

The publication has been distributed locally in select hotels and attractions. The Legal Deposit is historic for the agency, in that it marks the first such occasion. In receiving the copies, National Librarian, Beverley Lashley said the Library is working on new developments which could see international exposure for its collection.

Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Valerie Veira J.P., (2nd right) presents a copy of True Stories to National Librarian, Beverley Lashley during a short handing over ceremony which took place at the National Library yesterday (July 18, 2017). True Stories is a presentation of the artisan stories from the North Coast Craft Revitalization Project (NCCRP) which was funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund and managed by the JBDC. Also sharing the moment are Victor Wallace (centre) a participant in the project and the featured artist on the magazine’s cover and Monique Forgi-Scott, Manager of Collections Development at the National Library of Jamaica.
Artisan, Victor Wallace poses with copies of the True Stories Magazine. He is the featured artist appearing on the cover of the magazine.


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