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The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) says its series of activities during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), are being used to unite entrepreneurs from various industries.

The Week began on Monday, November 18 and will end on Saturday, November 23.

Speaking with JIS News, Corporate Communications Manager at the JBDC, Suzette Campbell, pointed out that micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) make up approximately 90 per cent of the business sector.

“The entire week is designed to demonstrate how all three economies operate separately as well as their interconnectedness. Diversity is a driver of innovation, and economies suffer if a nation or group of people are under-represented or face structural barriers,” she explained.

Miss Campbell said the calendar of events in Kingston give each sector an opportunity to highlight their work and also stimulate discussion among entrepreneurs.

The activities include ‘Kumba Mi Yabba Jamaica’, ‘Raising Capital’, ‘Opportunity Evening’, ‘Accelerator Programme Demo Day’, ‘B.O.S.S. MAN meets B.O.S.S. LADY’, and ‘DIY: A Creative Entrepreneurship Experience’.

“Kumba Mi Yabba Jamaica Night was a celebration of the fashion and craft sectors within the Orange Economy. We also focused on that industry with Raising Capital, which looks at financing options for creatives. On Wednesday (November 20), the Opportunity Evening event looked at the interconnectedness between the Blue and Green Economies, under the theme ‘Blue Economy meets Green Economy: Cashing in on Agriculture & Tourism’,” she noted.

Miss Campbell pointed out that the ‘DIY: A Creative Entrepreneurship Experience’, which will be staged on Saturday, November 23, will combine the Green and Orange economies.

“It is a creative workshop, which places it directly under the Orange Economy. However, participants will use recycled material in some creations. Recycling makes a positive impact on the environment, which supports the Green Economy,” she added.

Miss Campbell expressed optimism that the week will energise the participating entrepreneurs.

“These events are usually thought-provoking and often result in further dialogue and action across various sectors. GEW acts as a conversation starter on matters such as financing, marketing, growth, new opportunities and training needs,” she said.



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