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The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) has partnered with international privacy management specialists Securys Limited to assist micro, small and medium-size enterprises (MSMEs) with implementing data privacy and protection best practices as the Data Protection Act (DPA) takes full effect.

Following a MOU signing last week, CEO of the JBDC Valerie Veira said the collaboration will ensure that small businesses fulfill their responsibilities under the Act.

The legislation passed by Parliament in 2020 stipulates how the data collected by businesses on individuals is to be managed, stored and utilised. Following a two-year transitory period, the DPA’s implementation was fully implemented at the start of this month following a six-month grace period. Its implementation is spearheaded by the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC).

Under the Act, the OIC charges MSMEs to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures that will prevent the unauthorised or unlawful processing of data and incidental loss or destruction of, or damage to data.

“The commitment from this collaboration will ensure that MSMEs are able to meet the requirements of the DPA — more importantly for us, is the facilitation of our entrepreneurs to do business locally and internationally,” Veira said.

As the MSME group, made up of largely smaller players, experience some challenges with implementation, for a number of reasons including lack of understanding of the requirements and processes, the JBDC through its partnership with Secury is hoping to provide educational assistance to players in the sector as it also grant access to affordable data privacy services for its clients.

Secury’s Limited, which recently set up shop in Jamaica, will for its part under the partnership develop and present a series of training and workshop sessions to JBDC’s MSME clients aimed at informing and enhancing their awareness and knowledge of the DPA requirements.

In designing a sustainable, effective and affordable modality for the delivery of technical services to the MSME sector as well as a guidance and coaching programme for JBDC staff members, the UK privacy firm will further work to create practical solutions around data privacy management as it helps clients to navigate the new territory.

“We are making a large investment in Jamaica but for that to work, we need the data protection ecosystem in Jamaica to also work. This Act is [therefore] an opportunity and not an obstacle.

“The reality with data protection is that it is a trust building exercise between businesses and their customers, and if it is done right, it will energise businesses,” group CEO of Secury’s Limited Ben Rapp said.

Source: Jamaica Observer


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