An agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce, the JBDC is Jamaica’s premier business development organisation working collaboratively with government, private sector, as well as, academic, research and international communities.



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The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) said it has connected with 600 new clients since launching its Business Beyond Town initiative in May this year.

According to the JBDC, the initiative aims to connect face-to-face with entrepreneurs in rural areas to inform them about the corporation’s locations and the range of services provided for MSMEs.

Teams from JBDC visited specific locations and hosted pop-ups and presentations that were conducted in collaboration with both public and private sector partners. They also engaged in one-on-one business discussions with entrepreneurs, providing updates on the agency’s latest initiatives, programmes, and projects which can help take their business ‘From Concept to Market’.

“Among the entities we have collaborated with are Barita Investments, Tax Administration Jamaica, Companies Office of Jamaica, the National Commercial Bank as well as the chambers of commerce in St James and St Thomas,” the agency said in a press release.

“So far, the initiative has successfully expanded the JBDC’s clientele to include over 600 new entrepreneurs,” it continued.

The JBDC has established business centres located in the parishes of Kingston & St Andrew, St Thomas, Manchester, St Ann, St James, and Westmoreland. These business centres are strategically located to serve neighbouring parishes which do not yet have a physical space.

Additionally, through its Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) network, the JBDC has partnered with other entities to establish offices that provide business development services in rural areas. SBDCs are located at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), the College of Agriculture, Science & Education (CASE), and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).

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