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The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) has launched Things Jamaican E-Commerce.

The new website was unveiled under the theme ‘Buy Jamaica. Click Jamaica’, at the JBDC’s ‘Breakfast with the CEO, at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, on Thursday, March 5.

Speaking at the event, State Minister in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Floyd Green, endorsed the website.

“It moves us in the right direction as e-commerce is the way, not of the future but of the way, if we are really going to grow our micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). We have to provide them with greater access to the e-commerce space,” the State Minister said.

“Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs are doing a great job, but don’t have the resources and know-how or expertise to manage that space, so as a Government agency that is charged with helping our MSMEs move from concept to market, we have to ensure that we provide them with platforms for them to enter the space,” he added.

Marketing Service Manager at the JBDC, Janine Taylor, said the website reinforces the organisation’s focus on helping businesses move “from concept to market”.

“The primary emphasis of the marketing-related services is to devise strategies that support various levels of market access that clients journey through to grow from market access to internationalisation. The website seeks to promote the concept of brand Jamaica through the cultural influences, which are translated into the products our artisans and producers create,” she explained.

More than 2,000 products are being offered on the website from the current 423 clients in the Things Jamaican client base. Consumers can shop for items on the website, under the categories of aromatherapy, fashion and accessories, Fi Wi (Our) Tings, Home Accents, Nyammings, Literature, Pikni (Kids) Tings and Yaad Tings.

Things Jamaican is the retail arm of the JBDC. It provides market access and includes retailing opportunities that aim to promote and build Brand Jamaica.

The ‘Breakfast with the CEO’ event is in its fourth year, and unveils aspects of plans to further develop the MSME sector for the upcoming fiscal year.



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