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14 Camp Road, Kingston

When one walks into the Jamaica Business development Corporation (JBDC) Incubator & Resource Centre in Kingston, they will be greeted by colourful cascading fabric from the roof – a fusion of African and Jamaican cultures. Since November, the corporation has been showcasing the successful creation of the tie dye/batik textile industry with its feature event and exhibition-Festival of the Cloth “JADIRE”.

Over the past 4 years, Nigeria has facilitated several training interventions with local entrepreneurs in the textiles industry, through their Technical Aid Corps Volunteer and the exhibition showcased first leading tie dye/ batik textile artists in Jamaica.

JADIRE known as (Jamaica Adire) was coined by combining the name Jamaica with the Yoruba word ‘’ADIRE’’ which means tie and dye. Traditional adire textile is an indigo-dyed cloth made from southwest Nigeria by Yoruba women using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques.

Dr. Norman Dunn, State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce fits a Jadire designed shirt.
Dr. Norman Dunn, State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, and Ms. Valerie Veira, Chief Executive Officer share a photograph with Alao Lugman Omotaya, Nigerian representative and trainer and a trainee.
Alao Lugman Omotaya, Nigerian representative and trainer.
Exhibitors and patrons admire the Jadire designs.
Dania Bennett, Technical Service Officer, JBDC models unique tie-dye piece.
A Jadire designed jacket on showcase.                
Nella Stewart, exhibitor at “JADIRE” Festival of the Cloth shares her experience with developing her skills through the textile training sessions provided by the JBDC.


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