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Here is where strength is not just muscle, and sweetness isn’t mere sugar. Here is where the dance of resilience pushes boundaries, and love’s sway pulls on hearts. Here is where being strong doesn’t mean lacking sweetness, and being sweet never equates to weakness. Here is Jamaica… where the ‘Land of wood and water’ moulds its people into entrepreneurs with an undying fortitude and a contagious warmth, crafting Jamaican B.O.S.Ses sweet and strong.

Outstanding Jamaican entrepreneurs don’t go unnoticed. The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) awarded four (4) entrepreneurs 2023 B.O.S.S OF THE YEAR at the ‘Breakfast with CEO’ held recently at the AC Hotel in Kingston under the theme, ‘Strategic Partnerships: Facilitating Business Success’.

In the spotlight were Eileen Dunkley-Shim of Netty’s Farm and Kemisha Oates of Body by Roxanne, who clinched the B.O.S.S LADY OF THE YEAR and the Runner-Up B.O.S.S LADY OF THE YEAR awards, respectively. Alongside the ladies were Wouter Tjeertes of Pure Chocolate and Richard James Robinson of Gemisis Jamaica were honoured as B.O.S.S MAN OF THE YEAR and Runner-Up B.O.S.S MAN OF THE YEAR, respectively.


Value Chain Champions

The B.O.S.S for ladies means BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR SWEET SUCCESS.  And the pro-biotic rich Kombuchas brewed at Netty’s Farm are not short of sweetness.  Through the JBDC’s Accelerator Programme, Eileen gained insights and support, shaping her business.  Eileen Dunkley-Shim, reflecting on her journey, shared, “I’m elated! This means my work has been seen and I’m happy about that.” 

Netty’s Farm produces kombucha, a fermented tea drink and strives to be Jamaica’s best kombucha.  As her business continues to flourish, Eileen eyes expansion, “I would love to work on scaling up my business to get a production team so I can step back and get a chance to innovate.”

Staying true to ‘authentic Jamaican’, the company incorporates local raw materials in its products including cherry, ginger, sorrel, lemon grass, mango.  Netty’s Farm products are available in more than 20 retail outlets islandwide.

Pure Chocolate’s Wouter Tjeertes – Pure Chocolate is JBDC’s 2023 BOSS MAN OF THE YEAR.

The B.O.S.S for the men means BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR STRONG SUCCESS.  Chocolate is both strong in flavour and sweet to the taste.  Wouter Tjeertes of Pure Chocolate, delighted in his success, saying “Winning the B.O.S.S MAN OF THE YEAR is an honour and really unexpected.  It goes to show all the work we have been putting in and it’s not only me, but this award is also for my wife.  We have been on this journey together.”

Pure Chocoloate has seen significant growth in products and revenue, and has taken the bold step of opening a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience shop in Island Village, Ocho Rios. The company has incorporated Jamaican ingredients like plantain, coffee, jerk, and so on, in their products. In so doing, Pure Chocolate is a prime example of the success of the manufacturing, agriculture, and cultural & creative industries value chain as it includes local farmers and art students from the Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts. Their bite-sized chocolate is now being served on Caribbean Airlines.

The award, handmade from wood with a 3D road, captures the journey of the 2023 JBDC B.O.S.Ses ‘From Concept to Market’. Combined, the B.O.S.S means BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES STRONG AND SWEET!

B.O.S.S. Man and B.O.S.S. Lady Awards are given annually to JBDC clients who embody all elements of a 6-point criteria: the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, embrace a culture of innovation, has evidenced significant change in revenue, entered the export market/increased the value of current exports, introduced a new product/service into the market, and is a JBDC Ambassador. For the 2023 edition, a seventh criteria was added: all finalists would have been selected from an outstanding pool of local producers of authentic Jamaican products, sold by JBDC’s retail store chain, Things Jamaican™.


The Things Jamaican™ brand which celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2023 showcases the best of Jamaican home, gift and craft items by Jamaican artisans presented in new and innovative ways to locals and overseas visitors. This outlet has become a model for many other retail outlets locally which sought to promote products made in Jamaica in a new and refreshing way encompassing a total shopping experience and tantalising all the senses.

As the JBDC’s oversight body, Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce, pushes for increased exports, Things Jamaican™ plays a significant role in nurturing the development of authentic Jamaican products and providing opportunities for global exposure and sales through its ecommerce platform It currently features eight (8) major product categories, namely: Aromatherapy, Fashion and Accessories, Home Accents, Nyammings (Food), Literature, Kids Things, Fi Wi Tings (JBDC owned brands) and Yaad Tings (must have for all Jamaican shoppers).

These JBDC B.O.S.S awardees are visionaries.  They are ambassadors of the agency, and by extension Brand Jamaica, leading by example and inspiring a new generation of B.O.S.Ses to BUILD OPPORTUNITIES that are both STRONG AND SWEET.


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