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As the Entrepreneur Weekly wraps up our tips and insights for filing taxes this upcoming deadline, we will go into how to actually get it done using the online system provided by the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ). Filing tax returns online has been mandatory since January 2019 and each taxpayer must get acquainted with how it is done. With only a few days to go, self-employed persons are being encouraged to avoid the last-minute rush by completing the process as soon as possible.

According to the TAJ, “This tax season, the Tax Authority has increased its digital footprint by offering additional payment options to taxpayers for greater convenience and security. These now include Scotia Online and mobile app, in addition to being able to make tax payments via the National Commercial Bank online platform. Continuing, the TAJ shared “Customers are also able to make several business payments via the TAJ Direct Funds Transfer service, which allows taxpayers to transfer amounts from their bank accounts directly into the Revenue Authority’s account, after generating a Direct Funds Transfer Number (DFTN) or Payment Advice, from their TAJ eService account.”

Eservices Account
Before filing online, there is one important thing that must be done, and this is simply having an Eservices account which can be obtained by self-registration on the TAJ website. This account can also be created by submitting a completed electronic account registration form. The Eservices account acts as a portal through which your filing can be done. Self-employed persons must ensure they have the accurate access to file their returns. The Eservices platform has various access levels and therefore self-employed persons must be careful to be registered to file an “individual income tax return.” Additionally, before filing online, you must be aware of the correct filing period as well as the return details.

Online Platform

  1. After you have successfully created your Eservices account, self-employed persons should navigate to and click the client login box regarding how to file taxes.
  2. When this is done, you then select the Eservices tab which will subsequently lead you to
    “Manage my Eservices account.”
  3. After this is done, you will be carried to a page that is called “RAIS Eservices”, you must then select “Income Tax,” then click on the hyperlink which will lead you to the S04 and S04A forms specifically for self-employed individuals.
  4. Following this, self-employed persons will be carried to a page that instructs them to file a return. Once on this page, go ahead and click the hyperlink that is relevant to the filing period.
  5. Moving on from that page, you will see the option to amend, file or simply view your returns. Depending on what action you previously chose, you will be taken to the relevant spot.
  6. The process is simple as you follow the instructions to fill in the relevant information in the required fields. When all the necessary fields have been filled out, you will then be prompted to click the submit button. Go ahead and click “okay” to confirm submission of the forms. This completes the necessary steps in filing your returns.

Tax Help Available
Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is providing assistance to hundreds of Income Tax Filers this tax season. According to. According to an article entitled Tax Day Countdown Begins written by the TAJ and published in the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), “This support comes in the form of virtual sessions, telephone calls, web messages via the Revenue Administration Information System and Online Tutorials. Persons may also visit the ‘How To’ section at for user-friendly instructions on how to file online or avail themselves of One-on-One virtual sessions where TAJ personnel will provide their staff with online training, in helping them to make the necessary preparations.”

The Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are being focused on for assistance this tax season and especially through the TAJ’s annual Special Taxpayer Assistance Programme (STAP). According to the TAJ, “This is an essential feature of tax season activities and it will be offered in an expanded way. There will be a further focus on virtual support for micro, small and medium enterprises to assist them in meeting their online filing obligations, in addition to engagements with interest groups such as the Realtors Association of Jamaica (RAJ), MSME Alliance and the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC)”.

Tax Day Countdown Begins – Jamaica Information Service (


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