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“It’s a man’s world”, but even James Brown would agree that a women’s touch perfects everything.  The business of landscaping is male dominated, but Debita White, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Environmental & Maintenance Management Service Group Limited (EMMS), sees no challenge, “I believe that as a woman, it is a direct advantage in landscaping. People look to me for the little finesse, you know, like the icing on the cake. Because I’m a woman, I have a deeper sense of classiness and elegance”. EMMS provides building maintenance, pest control, landscaping, cleaning and disinfection services.  

Entrepreneur Weekly is celebrating strong women like Debita White who are standing behind their businesses. Her journey from the frustrations of the hotel industry to establishing a flourishing business is a testament to a woman’s resilience and drive.

EMMS Group Limited emerged in August 2021 from White’s firsthand experiences while working in the hotel sector, where she encountered recurring challenges with contractors. “I used to be very frustrated with contractors,” she recalls. “Sometimes it seemed as if they lacked professionalism… And so, I just imagined that if I could resolve all the issues with contractors and provide quality services, then the person who I am going to provide the service to would be much more satisfied.” This vision laid the foundation for EMMS Group Limited—a company dedicated to delivering impeccable service and addressing the shortcomings of traditional contracting practices.

Debita embodies not only a woman’s touch, but a woman’s heart as she plants kindness every chance she gets.  “We don’t see money as a major factor. We are on a quest to offer services that exceed expectations of our customers. So, we stop at nothing. Money is not a barrier to give good quality service. And to persons who sometimes you know can barely afford our services, we tend to go beyond the call of duty for them because we want to leave a footprint of quality service in their mind.” She continued, “I want EMMS Group Limited to be a household name and a company that offers service at the highest quality to customers”.

Central to White’s approach are the core values of empathy, magnanimity, meticulousness, and scrupulousness. These principles guide every aspect of EMMS Group Limited’s operations, ensuring an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Recognising the need for foundational support, White sought guidance from the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC). Through JBDC, she gained invaluable insights into business fundamentals, including product design, development, marketing, and customer relations. “When we just started, our structure was shaky. It was less than what was required to run a successful business. EMMS had two issues: we needed the technical support and we needed a bit of financial support. And we got both from JBDC”.

Debita White participated in Cohort 4 of the JBDC’s Accelerator Programme launched in April 2022. The Accelerator Programme works at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and internationalisation. It creates opportunities for the inclusive sustainable growth of high potential Micro Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) by improving their capacity and skills, preparing them to access equity capital, increasing their access to finance and providing innovative solutions to help them access and sustain their presence in local and international markets.

Looking ahead, White envisions EMMS Group Limited as a household name, with a legacy extending far beyond her tenure. “The long-term goal is to be trading publicly on the Jamaica Stock Exchange,” she asserts. “Long after I’m gone, I want EMMS Group Limited to be a company that offers service at the highest quality to customers.”

Debita White’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, who dare to defy the norm and carve their own path. JBDC is here to empower women in business “From Concept to Market”.  This is your sign to book your FREE consultation today. Visit


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