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Not wanting to re-enter the job market 10 years ago, Eileen Dunkley-Shim, set out to start a business of her own.  Join the Entrepreneur Weekly as we feature another woman in business. Eileen Dunkley-Shim, the brain behind Netty’s Farm.  The story of Netty’s Farm sounds a lot like many small businesses, jumping off the deep end, but Eileen Dunkley-Shim emerges with Netty’s Farm as a beacon of wholesome goodness. Eileen shares her journey.

From Bee Keeping in 2013 when she established Netty’s Farm, she began to produce honey and pollen before pausing production to re-enter the labour market in 2017.   “Then 2020 came and my job was made redundant, and I restarted Netty’s Farm,” Eileen recalled. 

With this time at home, and her strong belief in eating locally-made food, Eileen began making snacks for her children which later hit the shelf, “I came up with a nice soft chewed granola. I got that on the market shortly after.   I started doing other flavours like a turmeric ginger which was actually recognised by the Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards for that product.”

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“It all started with a simple act of sharing,” she reminisces. “I was experimenting with kombucha, sharing it with vendors at the market like you would share a sandwich with a neighbour.” This act of generosity sparked the idea of turning her homemade kombucha into a business venture. Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea drink.  With a commitment to offering products she truly believes in, Eileen ventured into the fermented foods, guided by her vision of promoting health and wellness through traditional, low-sugar options.

As Eileen delves into her passion for her business, she emphasises the importance of quality and consistency. “I have to truly believe in what I’m offering,” she explains. “It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about sharing something that enhances lives.” This dedication to her craft is evident in every bottle of kombucha made by Netty’s Farm.

The journey of Netty’s Farm took a significant turn when Eileen was introduced to the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC). Through the JBDC’s Accelerator Programme, Eileen gained insights and support, shaping her business.


Netty's Farm Lemon Grass, Mint & Honey Kombucha
Netty's Farm Lemon Grass, Mint & Honey Kombucha

“The programme was informative, and the guidance I received was invaluable,” Eileen says. With the help of Business Development Officers and Marketing experts from JBDC, Eileen navigated challenges and gained the confidence to pursue her vision.

JBDC’s Accelerator Programme works at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and internationalisation. It creates opportunities for the inclusive sustainable growth of high potential Micro Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) by improving their capacity and skills, preparing them to access equity capital, increasing their access to finance and providing innovative solutions to help them access and sustain their presence in local and international markets.

Beyond financial success, Eileen envisions a lasting legacy for Netty’s Farm. One that transcends borders and promotes holistic well-being. “I want functional food to be as accessible as fast food,” she declares. Her dream extends to international recognition, with aspirations to export her products and showcase Jamaica’s rich produce on a global scale. “Imagine Jamaican sorrel kombucha celebrated worldwide,” Eileen muses. “It’s not just about expanding my business; it’s about promoting a healthier lifestyle for everyone.”

As Netty’s Farm continues to flourish, Eileen remains committed to her mission of providing nutritious, probiotic-rich options. With each bottle sold, she takes a step closer to realising her vision of a world where “wholesome food is the norm, not the exception”.

For those eager to experience the flavours of Netty’s Farm, Eileen shares that her products can be found in over 30 retailers across Jamaica. From General Foods to Lushushan and Progressive Grocers, Netty’s Farm is on a mission to touch every parish, spreading the goodness of functional foods far and wide.

Not every business journey is the same, but like Eileen, JBDC is here to handhold you along your journey ‘From Concept to Market’. Visit for your free consultation today!


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