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14 Camp Road, Kingston

Cut Works Architecture Limited is preparing to become an architectural brand which is known regionally for perfecting designs for the individual property owner and the tropical environment.

David Cuthbert, principal architect and one of the company’s founding directors told the Jamaica Observer, “Our aim is to become a single source for all things related to architecture, further extending our services into consultancy, interior design, project management, and bespoke construction.

David Cuthbert is an experienced Registered Architect in Jamaica, having been engaged in the development of residential, educational, commercial, government and healthcare facilities throughout the region. He has published papers on topics including sustainability and the emergence of modern architecture in the Caribbean.

His company, Cut Works is one of 17 companies in the Jamaica Business Corporation Accelerator Programme which prepares firms for funding and growth.

The principal architect shared, “As architects and designers we create spaces inspired by the culture and the tropical environments of the Caribbean, and creating a regional practice is part of our development strategy.”

Cut Works was registered in 2017 and operates from Lady Musgrave Road in Kingston at the Hub, which is a co-working space. The business now utilises a full-time staff of three but takes on additional talent as required on a per-project basis.

The company indicates on its website: “CutWorks Architecture Limited is a small, full-service architecture firm practice located in Kingston, Jamaica. We work in the residential, commercial and development sectors with an emphasis on modern, sustainable design. We are a diversified practice offering services in architecture, interiors and project management and we collaborate with other practices mostly interior designers, engineers and project managers.”

The firm, as an architecture practice, offers services in design, consultancy, project management, and interior design. Cuthbert told Sunday Finance, “We are a small but nimble practice that expands and contracts depending on the projects. Working in a co-working location allows us to keep our overheads low.”

The firm’s current target market comprises mid-career professional families looking to design either their “forever homes” as well as retirement/investment properties.

Cuthbert stated that the company is also aiming to grow its market share among developers who have social and environmental interests.

His love for architecture, the architectural engineer said, is inspired by people and their individual dreams. “It’s about the people, it has always been about the people… who live, work, and play in the spaces we design. Everyone deserves good design!”

Regarding growth plans, he said, “We are really looking at continued work with our collaborators and business partners to improve revenue and gain attractiveness towards equity financing for our next business goals.

Creating a regional practice is part of the development strategy as well.

The architect notes that housing demand in Jamaica is approximately 18,000 per annum and that less than 20 per cent of that demand is met annually. “We exist in some part to provide professional services to meet this demand,” he said.

As a new player in the market, Cut Work competes with larger and more established practices. The principal architect said, “Finding that niche to work and excel in is challenging, albeit very rewarding when you do.”

To date the company has been financed with personal savings and family borrowings to the value of $6.5 million, of which about 85 per cent has been repaid from revenue.

Annual revenue is currently below $25 million.

Cuthbert commented, “We have been experiencing yearly growth. [The year] 2022 has been the largest to date due in part to our participation in the Jamaica Business Development Commission Accelerator Programme.”

He told Sunday Finance, “We are really looking at continued work with our collaborators and business partners to improve revenue and gain attractiveness toward equity financing for our next business goals.”



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