An agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce, the JBDC is Jamaica’s premier business development organisation working collaboratively with government, private sector, as well as, academic, research and international communities.



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A partnership is being developed between the James Jay Dudley Luce Leadership Centre at the Caribbean Maritime University, the Jamaica Business Development Corporation and the CMU.

The JBDC is to set up a small business development centre at the CMU to serve students as well as community members in areas such as business development and innovation.

The partnership with the James Jay Dudley Luce Leadership Centre will expand the range of services offered to include leadership and entrepreneurship to drive innovation.

Some details of this initiative are still being worked out but CMU President Professor Fritz Pinnock says “the plan is not just to develop ideas but to develop business ideas which can be sustainable.” He further went on to stress the importance of leadership in entrepreneurship. “Strong leaders help an organization to maximize productivity and achieve business goals – which is what we will be producing at the leadership centre – strong leaders.”

This latest partnership underpins the University’s mission to establish local and international partnerships through the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial alliances with highly regarded organizations that share common aims and interests.

Present at the meeting were from (L-R) Harold Davis; deputy CEO, JBDC, Donnet Phillips; director of student affairs, CMU, Archibald Gordon; director of marketing and communications, CMU, Jim Luce; executive director, James Jay Dudley Luce Leadership Centre at CMU and US philanthropist, Valeria Viera; CEO, JBDC; Fritz Pinnock, president, CMU, Althea West-Myers; manager, JBDC, Elaine Hayden; director, special projects and strategic initiatives, CMU, Dr. Stephen Rhoden; associate vice president, CMU.


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