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The Jamaica Business Development Corporation’s (JBDC) critically acclaimed Tapping into Donor Funds Proposal Writing Workshop® scored two major achievements during the month of June having been officially trademarked by the Jamaica Intellectual Property Organization (JIPO) and accredited by UK-based awarding body, Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). ILM is the leading provider of leadership and management qualifications in the UK and part of the wider City and Guilds Group: a global leader in skills development. The achievements come just ahead of the Workshop’s eighth staging in Jamaica on July 26 – 28, 2016.

As an ILM Recognised Provider, the JBDC now approved to register learners and deliver ILM programmes in Jamaica and St Lucia. JBDC’s Project Management and Research Manager, Lisa Taylor-Stone says Workshop participants will benefit immensely from the ILM accreditation. “It means the participants who have fully completed the process can receive a certificate not only from the JBDC, but also a UK awarding organisation which will appear very impressive on a list of professional qualifications. Additionally, they will receive 12 months free ILM Studying Membership, free ongoing ILM Tutor Membership, as well as professional development credits,” she explained. 

Taylor-Stone says the JBDC underwent rigorous scrutiny by ILM in order to achieve the recognition. “They were very keen on the caliber of the organization, the course content, as well as the marketing of the course in order to be satisfied with the brand association, so we were elated when we received the call that approval had been granted. We anticipate heightened interest in the course due to the accreditation, as there are some individuals and organisations who will not participate unless a course is accredited,” she said.

The ‘Tapping into Donor Funds’ – Proposal Writing Workshop® series is an intervention geared towards increasing and enhancing the capacity of participants to develop high-potential proposals to solicit funding assistance for business, technical and developmental purposes. The initiative was borne out of the recognition of the financial challenges being faced by organizations and groups, which prevent them from enhancing and growing their businesses or ventures. The methodology that guides the implementation of the Workshop comprises: 20 hours of learning delivered over three days and eight (8) hours of post-workshop coaching and mentoring delivered over two weeks.  To date, more than 250 participants representing SMEs, public sector entities and social groups have been trained and over J$76 million has been awarded in funding to Workshop participants.

St. Lucia

The JBDC is seeking to conquer new territory. “Having achieved this feat, we believe it is imperative that we expand this intervention regionally, so that our Caribbean neighbours can reap success in accessing financing, which is a global challenge.  We are heading to Castries, St. Lucia for the first staging of the Workshop outside of Jamaica on November 22 – 24, 2016. These are exciting times and the team is working feverishly to ensure that we deliver above expectations in St. Lucia,” said Taylor-Stone.

The ‘Research Coaching for HR Practitioners Workshop’ was also accredited by ILM.


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