Dianne Daley McClure

Managing Partner
Foga Daley, Attorneys-at-Law

Dianne Daley McClure is a founding partner of the boutique law firm of FOGA DALEY established in 2000 and heads the firm’s Intellectual Property (IP) Department. She is a CIDA scholar and has a Bachelor of Laws Honours Degree from the University of the West Indies (UWI) and a Master’s Degree in Comparative Law from McGill University specializing in IP and International Copyright.

Dianne was called to the Jamaican Bar in 1990. She has over twenty years’ experience in IP law and practice. Her first job in the field was as legal director and head of Jamaica’s Copyright Office in 1995. Over the course of the next five years she advised government on legislative and policy issues touching all types of IP Rights and represented the Government as IP Expert at WIPO, UNESCO, FTAA and other international forums.

Her professional memberships include: 

  • The International Association of the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP)
  • The International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • The Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance (GALA) (exclusive Member for English Commonwealth Caribbean Countries)
  • The Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI)
  • The AEA International Lawyers Network
  • The Intellectual Property Caribbean Association (IPCA).
  • The Jamaican Bar Association where she chairs the Intellectual Property Committee

She was a founding Director of JAMCOPY since 1999, where she served as the Government’s Representative to the Board. Since 2000 she served as JAMCOPY’s Legal Advisor and was appointed Honourary Secretary of JAMCOPY serving in that position until she was appointed Vice Chairman of JAMCOPY. 

On November 25, 2015 she was appointed Chairman of the Board. She serves on the following Board committees:

  • Executive (& HR Committee) - Chair
  • Governance Committee – Chair
  • Distribution Committee – Director
  • Finance & Audit Committee – Director

She is also the Company Secretary for the Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS) another prominent Copyright Management Organization in Jamaica and founding director of the Intellectual Property Service Centre (IPC).

She has authored several publications including a monograph on Jamaica’s Intellectual Property Laws published in the International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Kluwer Law International (2008) and the Jamaica Chapter on Copyright in Copyright throughout the World, West (2009). She is a contributing author of the books An Emerging Intellectual Property Paradigm: Perspectives from Canada, edited by Ysolde Gendreau, Edward Elgar (2008), Ringtones of Opportunity – Policy, Technology and Access in Caribbean Communications edited by Hopeton S. Dunn, Ian Randle Publishers (2012) and A Shifting Empire: 100 Years of the Copyright Act 1911 edited by Ysolde Gendreau and Uma Suthersanen, Edward Elgar (2013).

She is currently an Associate Lecturer for the Master of Laws Degree Programme on Intellectual Property in the Creative and Cultural Industries at the Faculty of Law, Mona Campus and has previously taught IP Law as an adjunct lecturer for the Master of Laws Programme at UWI. She has been a guest lecturer at other institutions. Other previous IP related appointments include Consultant for the Commonwealth Secretariat and the UK Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Deputy Chairman of Jamaica’s Copyright Tribunal, Coordinator for the establishment of the JIPO and Special Ministerial Advisor on Intellectual Property.