On May 15, 2019, join us at the Jamaica Pegasus for the 12th staging of the biggest local event of its kind. Let’s squeeze!

Made in Jamaica. These are words that bring a sense of pride to those who have been bold enough to use their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to make this label go viral. They are also sentimental to fellow countrymen and women who delight in the reality of Brand Jamaica. There is no denying the creative genes that Jamaicans have been blessed with but not enough can boast of successfully monetizing their creativity. In 2012, the income generated from the Orange Economy globally was estimated at US$547 billion! This year the Small Business Expo & Conference urges Jamaicans to squeeze all the juice they can under the theme: Monetizing the Orange Economy: The Future is Creative. Here’s why:

  1. It generates value and wealth
  2. It generates jobs
  3. It generates social impact!

Who would have thought that part of the response to the development challenges of Latin America and the Caribbean would be in the hands of creative talents, designers, artists and entrepreneurs? Creativity as a driver of innovation can contribute to diversification as a necessary tool for having a globally competitive knowledge-based economy. One of the areas of development is the so-called orange economy, that is, the set of activities that, in combination, allow for ideas to be transformed into goods and services whose value can be based on intellectual property, according to the definition of the Inter-
American Development Bank (IDB).

About the Orange Economy

The Orange Universe has two parts:

  1. the cultural economy and creative industries and, at their point of intersection, the conventional cultural industries, and
  2. areas of support for creativity.

With the publication of the book, The Orange Economy, the bank focused on a phenomenon that awakens more and more interest in the development agendas of the Latin American and Caribbean countries. The reason: Operation of the orange economy not only stimulates economic growth through creating value, but also its initiatives have become innovative systems in priority sectors for the region.

Services based on creativity generated globally, in 2012, a total of US$547 billion (Unctad) and in 2015 accounted for 29.5 million jobs, comparable to all jobs generated by the economy of Great Britain. For Latin America and the Caribbean, the orange economy meant 1.9 million jobs in 2015, comparable to all jobs generated by the economy of Uruguay or Costa Rica. – IDB

Small Business Expo 2019