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Krystal Tomlinson is a Communications consultant and social researcher. A firm believer in goal-setting and self-management, she is ON PURPOSE for 2017! She holds certification from Australia’s Curtin University in Reputation Management in a Digital World and a Bachelor of Science in International Relation, Political Science and African Diaspora Studies. Now completing a Master of Science in Natural Resource Management – specializing in Integrated Urban and Rural Environment Management (what an odd mix, eh!?), Krystal was a World University Debater and was ranked the number one Public Speaker in the world (2011-2012) by the World Universities Debate Championships.

She is the recipient of the University of the West Indies’ Premier Awards for Leadership (2012) and Culture (2011). She was selected to represent Jamaica at the 9th sitting of the Commonwealth Youth Parliament (May 2012) where she was ranked “Best Youth Parliamentarian”.
A former Ms. Jamaica Festival Queen and National Youth Ambassador for Vision 2030 Jamaica, Krystal is founder of the Five Dollar Forum to counsel and upskill young women in self-management techniques. She is currently employed as Public Relations and Engagement Manager for the largest Corporate Foundation in Jamaica. She is a television presenter, motivational speaker, fitness fanatic and a proud #PositiveThinker!