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More Focus On Queue Management

Local entrepreneurs should place more focus on queue management to address the issues of overcrowding and social distancing in business places as they continue to deal with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on their operations.

This is the recommendation from Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Industrial Engineer, Roshaine Gunter, who spoke at the organisation’s virtual weekly series, ‘Biz Zone’, on May 19.

Mr. Gunter, who made his presentation under the theme ‘Reducing Wait Time via Queue Management Principles’, said effective queue management reduces the likelihood of the transmission of COVID-19 and achieves customer satisfaction.

“Queue management is the process of controlling and influencing how the customer waits in line. It facilitates better customer flow, encourages positive word-of-mouth, improves the overall perception of your brand, increases profitability and makes for a safe and healthy working environment for the employees,” he explained.

Business operators were also provided with tips on how to satisfy their customers using queue management principles.

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