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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) continues to make it easier for persons to file and pay online through the growth of the Jamaica Tax Portal at www.jamaicatax-online.gov.jm . Currently all major taxes, such as Income Tax, GCT, Payroll Taxes, Property Tax, as well as traffic ticket fines can be filed and/or paid online.

on 19 February, 2015
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An effective supply chain is one that has found the balance between achieving and maintaining adequate service levels and holding costs in line. When your operating environment becomes more challenging by the day, it is harder and harder to sustain those service level standards and before too long the death spiral sets in.

Not all is lost, as there are some creative (with a little thought and without breaking the bank) ways to reduce supply chain costs without significant negative impact to customer service levels.

on 19 February, 2015
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Governments and many of the world’s leading organizations are making major advances to address environmental waste management and improving energy efficiency among manufacturing companies. This is being done in an effort to save money while making the most of the available resources in our environment. There is no question that one of the reasons for this move by large companies is a result of the ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle that many consumers have caught on to. Many want to ‘save energy’, ‘go green’ or even ‘recycle more’.

on 19 February, 2015
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In a decade’s time, the Chief Financial Officer or the CFO could be a job title of the past. Instead, the world could see the Chief Financial and Technology Officer – the CFTO.

This prediction is made in a new report from ACCA and IMA called Big Data: Its Power and Perils.  Big data is the collective term which references to the vast amount of data continually collected through devices and technologies such as credit cards and customer loyalty cards, the internet and social media and, increasingly, WiFi sensors and electronic tags.

Much of this data is unstructured – data that does not conform to a specific, pre- defined data model.  So the data that accountants now have to deal with is becoming increasingly complex, as Big Data: Its Power and Perils shows.

Looking at the impact of big data on the accountancy and finance professions in the coming five to ten years, the report reveals how specific opportunities and challenges will be presented by the rise of big data. The report begins by asking a relatively simple question – “How will big data affect businesses over the next 5 to 10 years, and what opportunities and challenges will it create for the accountancy profession?’

on 19 February, 2015
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Working capital is the money that you need to fund the normal, day-to-day operations of your business. Therefore, if you have insufficient working capital, your business is likely to fail. By implementing sound working capital management strategies however, your business can remain viable and grow.

Most business activities will affect working capital in one of two ways - by either consuming working capital or by generating working capital. The essence of working capital management therefore is to properly manage the relationship between these two areas.

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