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She distinguishes herself as a woman of character and strength in a male-dominated field. She has the only female-owned and operated Geo-Informatics Systems (GIS) Company in the region. She was recognised for exemplary leadership and entrepreneurship in 2012. She volunteers for and serves on several GIS initiatives locally, regionally and internationally. This female powerhouse is Valrie Grant, founder and managing director of GeoTechVision Enterprises Ltd. She is, fittingly, one of two nominees in the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited’s Nation Builder Awards category of Women in Business for 2013.

on 26 February, 2015
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The Jamaica Business Information Centre (JAMBIC) was established in 2006 to address the growing need to make current and pertinent business information accessible to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs across the island. At its inception, it formed part of the Jamaican government’s action plan “Implementing the knowledge society in Jamaica” and fittingly had as its primary objective, the implementation of an interactive communication and information network that would link the various users and providers of business information through the use of technologies that drive business growth.

on 26 February, 2015
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Many great business ideas are trumped by the reality of high capital costs; arguably one of the biggest barriers for micro, small and medium sized enterprises.  However, evolving technology has provided a solution for entrepreneurs who have their feet on the ground but business in the cloud.

on 26 February, 2015
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On November 2, 2013, Coach Winfried Schäfer of the Reggae Boyz declared in a statement that it is extremely important to develop the Jamaican trade mark. Coach Schäfer is aware that this IP term, “Trade Mark” represents the key to progress and growth by “branding” Jamaica in a way, which assures recognition of Jamaica’s quality, credibility and success in whatever we do.

on 26 February, 2015
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If you are planning to start a new business, one thing you will quickly realize is that you will be spending money before you actually start the business. Start-up costs are those business expenses, which you will and must incur before the business is actually up and running.

Many individuals are confused over how much money they actually require to get their business off the ground and in numerous cases under estimate these start-up costs to the detriment of the business. By not knowing how much money you actually need to get going, you run the risk of starting out in a cash-crunch; thereby setting the death bells tolling for your business from the outset!

on 26 February, 2015
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