JBDC (Jamaica Business Development Corporation) | Head Office: 14 Camp Road, Kingston, Jamaica | Incubator & Resource Centre: 76 Marcus Garvey Drive 1 876 928 5161-5 (Camp Rd.) | 1 876 758 3966-8 (IRC) info@jbdc.net

Gift & Craft

‘From Waste to Profit’: through the use of textiles and indigenous raw materials, the Craft team’s mandate is to design aesthetically pleasing, but functional items based on the clients’ requirements. Emphasis is placed on finish and infusing products with a Jamaican identity. There is a particular focus on the advancement of fibre extraction for the production of banana paper and related items. Core activities in product development of craft items and development of product packaging include:

  • * Consultations and assistance by way of aiding in refining the overall finish of the products created by artisans and providing surface design options that would improve the aesthetic appeal of their existing products.
  • * Product Development support to projects for assessment, to exchange information about the group needs and to present possible design solutions for production.
  • * Identify and present current trends in craft products.
  • * Develop new products to be marketed by Things Jamaican stores.
  • * Conducting workshop programmes with the aim of enhancing skills, introduction of new techniques which lead to the creation of sustainable businesses.
  • * Referring clients to the relevant support agencies such as the Scientific Research Council, Bureau of Standards Jamaica, Jamaica Intellectual Property Organization.