JBDC (Jamaica Business Development Corporation) | Head Office: 14 Camp Road, Kingston, Jamaica | Incubator & Resource Centre: 76 Marcus Garvey Drive 1 876 928 5161-5 (Camp Rd.) | 1 876 758 3966-8 (IRC) info@jbdc.net


Things Jamaican represents products that have been produced in Jamaica. It's the marketing support services unit of the JBDC. The following represents a synopsis of our services, in our aim to expand and improve marketing support for MSMEs in the productive sector:

Market Access Support/Facilitation

  • Producer market exposure: we facilitate the suppliers’ interactive and direct promotion of their products whether through trade and marketing events or through our retail outlets

  • Events marketing:  we create or seek suitable marketing events and facilitate participation of the suppliers, thus providing additional markets and opportunities

  • Digital/electronic marketing: we use the digital platform to reach new and additional markets, through social media, emails, website etc.

  • Ecommerce: This market access tool allows exposes the products to the international market, thus garnering additional revenue for the suppliers.

  • Distribution: We seek and negotiate additional market outlets on behalf of our suppliers.

  • Pop-up stores: we promote the suppliers’ outputs through temporary retail outlets.

  • Tradeshow participation: we represent our suppliers and participate on their behalf at targeted marketing events and expositions, negotiating partnerships and garnering revenue, testing and introducing new products.

  • Linkages: We negotiate business, order contracts and supply opportunities with third parties on behalf of our suppliers


Marketing Consultation & Training

  • Supplier screening: We assess products; feedback, instructions, suggestions and referrals are given, appropriate markets are sourced for products
  • Training workshops: these are done in collaboration with the Business Advisory Department



  • Things Jamaican brick and mortar stores


Market Research & Testing

  • Surveys
  • Information gathering


Product screening, testing and development support

  • New product development, in-market product testing, continuous support and feedback


Supplier Management


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