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Business Advisory Services

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


Whether you’ve just brainstormed an amazing business idea or you’re already in business, the outstanding team at the Business Advisory Services Unit is qualified to take you to take you there with unparalleled long-term hand-holding assistance.

MSMEs make up approximately 90% of the business sector which means that the sector’s success is vital towards economic growth. We aim to improve your competitiveness & increase economic impact by providing relevant, cost effective advisory services, capacity building, training and business monitoring support which exceeds expectations. As the premiere government organization mandated to develop the MSME sector, one of our primary goals is to  ensure MSME clients generate economic impact by (i) establishing and formalizing businesses, (ii) creating and retaining jobs, (iii) increasing sales and (iv) increasing access to capital.
Our flagship Business Monitoring Programme (BMP) is designed to assess, diagnose, prescribe and support the implementation of appropriate interventions for businesses in need of hand-holding assistance. The BMP has proven effective in achieving significant up-scaling among entrepreneurs engaged in the programme.

Products & Services

Advisory Services
    •    Information Dissemination
    •    General Consultation
    •    Operations Audit and Assessments
    •    Viability Assessments

Hand-Holding Support
    •    Business Monitoring Programme
    •    Business Mentoring
    •    Strategic Planning
    •    Business Modeling
    •    Financial Assessments and Modeling
    •    Management and Governance Support

Training & Capacity Building
    •    Workshops
    •    Customized Training
    •    Governance and Management Capability – take the test
    •    Business Monitoring Programme
    •    Programme’s Intent and Objectives
    •    Video Testimonials
    •    Featured business
    •    Set an appointment
    •    Live Chat with a business advisor
    •    What to take when attending an interview with a business advisor
    •    Start Your Own Business
    •    Strategies for Business Growth
    •    Managing Your Cash Flow
    •    Financing Your Small Business
    •    Frequently asked start-up questions
    •    Business Start-Up checklist
    •    Agencies that support small businesses in Jamaica – Industry Listing
The Business Advisory Services offices are located in the parishes of Kingston, St. James, Westmoreland, Manchester and St. Ann.