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Craft Policy Biz Zone



Following on the heels of the launch of the National Craft Policy, the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) has implemented a virtual training series for entrepreneurs in the gift & craft sector. Dubbed JBDC Virtual Gift & Craft Biz Zone, the series is held every Thursday at 10:00am on the Zoom platform.

Janine Fletcher-Taylor, Marketing Services Manager at the JBDC, says the initiative is significant for MSMEs because it is specifically geared at addressing issues that have been identified in the sector and very targeted to their needs.

"The series will address subject matters including market opportunities, trends in the sector, climate smart manufacturing, the use non-traditional materials and recycling as new sources of production and innovation, community branding and the importance of community development in rural and urban areas, protecting creativity and creations in intellectual property, the importance of formalisation and how they benefit from the regulatory bodies, the importance of developing the gift & craft value chain, making a career in the sector for the younger entrepreneurs, developing the craft market concept into experience villages and how we can modernise the craft market concept, as well as the importance of groups and associations because collective action will drive the growth of this industry," Mrs. Fletcher-Taylor explained.

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