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Project Management & Research - JBDC Track Record (Project Management)

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Project Management

North Coast Craft Revitalization Project
The North Coast Craft Revitalization Project (NCCRP) is a collaborative effort between the Jamaica Business Development Corporation and the Tourism Enhancement Fund. The Project is aimed at improving the competitiveness and income generating capabilities of craft producers in the North Coast Region of the Island and specifically in the parishes of St. Ann, St. James and Trelawny.
The project is expected to address the following issues faced by the Craft Industry:

  • The need for improvements in product quality, finishing and designs
  • The need for use of appropriate technologies and equipment
  • The need for appropriate business development skills and practices
  • The need for improvement and upgrading of traditional product development skills
  • The need for improved and diversified product ranges


Craft Biz Facility
The Craft Biz Facility Project was designed to increase access to appropriate financial and non-financial assistance in order to ensure the growth and success of targeted Craft Entities. The Project has targeted 30 producers of craft and fashion accessories and is providing assistance in the form of business and product development support, training and marketing


Energy Conservation and Efficiency Project
The Energy Conservation and Efficiency Project was designed to promote energy conservation management as a means of strengthening the growth and development of MSMEs. The project will assist enterprises through the provision of information and technical support to adopt energy management practices in an effort to lower operational costs and increase productivity.


Small Business Growth and Distribution Linkages Project
The Small Business Growth and Distribution Linkages Project is a business assistance programme designed to assist enterprises which possess strong growth potential but which lack the required resources to take full advantage of market opportunities.


Productive Integration of Micro-Enterprises in Jamaica
The project aim was to improve the Competitiveness of 14 Micro-Enterprise groups in the Craft and Agri-Processing Subsector (9 Craft and 5 Agri-processing) with a Special focus on Fermented, Dehydrated and Confectionery Products. Project beneficiaries were mainly rural areas such as Portland, St. Mary, St. Thomas, Trelawny and St. Elizabeth as well as rural St. Andrew.


Kingston Urban Renewal Project (KURP)
The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the Parade Gardens communities (namely Tel Aviv and Southside) through the design and implementation of strategies for the regeneration of poor communities.  Components of the project included: business training and development, environmental upgrading and youth development.


The aim of the consultancy was to develop business plans for 22 Community Groups from the Parishes of Manchester, St. Elizabeth, Trelawny and Portland who were seeking to apply for JSIF REDI Grants.


Jamaica Furniture and Wooden Products Project
The project action plan was geared to assist the industry to achieve a more meaningful and visible contribution to industrial and economic development by increasing its competitiveness.