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Project Management & Research - Consultants' Registry & JBDC Track Record

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Consultants’ Registry

We utilize the services of several highly qualified Associates to assist in the research and project management aspects of the Department.  Our Registry of Professionals includes the following:

  • Project Management Professionals
  • Specialists and Experts:
    • Research, Marketing, Communication, Business Development, Information Technology, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Statisticians
  • Interviewers and other field workers
  • Field Supervisors
  • Data Entry Officers
  • Administrative Personnel


JBDC’s Track Record


  • Tapping into Donor Funds: “A Proposal Writing Workshop Series” – This workshop was designed and developed using a practical results-based approach and hosted for the first time in Jamaica in November 2013.  The workshop equips candidates with the practical know-how of writing winning project proposals, empowers them to develop solid proposal documents and to strategically identify targeted donors.  Within 5 months of hosting the first workshop, over $17 Million in grant funding was awarded to workshop participants.  To date, over 90 private, public and civil society organizations have been exposed to over 3000 hours of training in proposal writing.
  • Research Coaching for HR Practitioners: “A Focus on Employee Engagement & Satisfaction” - First developed in 2014, this workshop represents Jamaica’s first exclusive research workshop targeting HR Practitioners with a focus on employee engagement and satisfaction.  The event is designed using JBDC’s results-based knowledge transfer approach in which established stalwarts in the area of research and employee engagement, Employers of Choice and those seeking knowledge enhancement are brought together.  The workshop continues to be a part of JBDC’s main training agenda.

Research Consultancy

The following represents a list of studies implemented by the Jamaica Business Development Corporation:

  • Caribbean Needs Assessment of Women-owned Enterprises (2014 - 2015) – JBDC was contracted to design and implement a remote needs assessment survey in 8 Caribbean countries involving a sample of 600 women-headed enterprises.  This is an exploratory study that aims to ascertain the developmental needs of businesses in the survey countries with the end result being an expansion of services offered by the Women Entrepreneurship Network of the Caribbean (WENC).
  • MSME Needs Assessment Study (2014) – This study’s methodology was designed and implemented by the JBDC through its Project Management Research Department.  It included the participation 1,500 corporations that were randomly selected across the Island of Jamaica.  The study focused on both financial and non-financial business development needs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).  The results of the study were used to guide the successful launch of the Mobile Business Clinic Initiative that is currently in operation and to direct strategic pathways of all public and private sector entities that are involved in the business of strengthening the capacity of Jamaican MSME’s.
  • MSME Profile Study (2013) – A pilot project was initiated by the JBDC through which research was conducted to prepare a profile of 300 MSMEs across the Island of Jamaica.  The results of this study were used to guide policy and program development.
  • Falmouth Business Opportunity Needs Assessment (2014) - The purpose of this needs assessment survey was to ascertain the needs of the business community in Falmouth, Jamaica in order to create a business development opportunity geared towards growing the local economy in the region by integrating MSMEs in the supply chain. The research included a mapping of businesses in Falmouth to determine among other things location, demographics and development needs.  Results of the assessment were used to inform and develop the “Jamaica Rhythms” Tourist Attraction Project that integrates MSMEs in the tourism supply chain in Falmouth Jamaica.
  • Animation Industry Research Consultancy - This Research was commissioned by the Development Bank of Jamaica and sought to examine the state of the animation industry in Jamaica. Information gathered included the size of the industry, major players, development needs and recommendations geared towards strengthening the Animation Industry for it to become on par with other countries in the region.  The results of the research were used to inform policy and project planning for interventions related to the Animation Industry.  The DBJ is currently in the process of using the results to seek funding for a major project that is underway.
  • High Growth Industry Research - This research was commissioned by the DBJ and sought to determine the sectors or industries within the Jamaican economy that have historically created a high number of jobs (2011- 2014), sectors that are expected to generate high numbers of jobs for Jamaicans up to 2020/ 2030, an assessment of local conditions alongside global trends and industries that are expected to grow most significantly on an international scale in the near future.  Results used to foster strategic planning around job creation in Jamaica.