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Project Management & Research

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The Research & Project Management arm was est. 2004 to respond to developmental needs & prepare industry information for businesses within the MSME sector.

In recent times, the mandate of the Department has shifted to respond to local, regional and global needs of large, medium-sized, small and micro enterprises in the areas of research development and project management.  The Department is staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals with collective field experience spanning over 50 years to serve our enhanced mandate.


To offer state of the art project management and research solutions that are undergirded by data integrity, process quality and consistent efficiency to our internal and external stakeholders.


  • Develop and process reliable and valid data sources that will lead to decisive action by our existing and potential clients
  • Be a wholesaler of project management and research information, techniques and applications in response to the growing needs of businesses, companies, institutions and individuals that subscribe to our services
  • Be the Consultant of Choice to large, medium-sized, small and micro enterprises with a perpetual guarantee for service quality and process efficiency
  • Provide affordable project management and research solutions for investment opportunities