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Ten years ago June and Walter Gottgens visited Belgium where they sampled some world famous Belgium Chocolate. June found out that the cocoa that made Belgium Chocolate originated from the Congo in Africa. She noted some similarities with Jamaica who exported its cocoa to industrial countries where they add value and might even sell it back to Jamaica. Out of the experience June decided that she wanted to be a part of the effort “To produce and consume Jamaican products”.

Back home June made contact with the SRC (Scientific Research Council) to help in the formulation of a chocolate spread, ingredients were sought then reality hit home. Some of the ingredients she needed were unavailable, unreliable or too expensive, after several failed attempts to resolve the challenges she shelved her idea. After a visit to Morocco two years ago June was impressed with how the Moroccans had maintained their tradition. Upon reflection she recalled her own tradition when Jamaicans would have chocolate tea with coconut milk. With tradition as her inspiration June spent two years researching and sampling a winner which is now named UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread.


UMIUM is registered on 5th NOVEMBER 2014

Partners:- …………………………………………………..June Gottgens and Walter Gottgens

Product Description:- …..…………………………….. Coconut Chocolate Spread

Main Ingredients:- ……………………………………… Coconut and Cocoa  

Logo and label reflects the Jamaican colours:-…. Red, Green, Gold and Dark brown lieu of black



To provide quality products and services to our Jamaican customers and an international market.



Our mission statement is encapsulated in the slogan “Produce and consume Jamaican products”. One of our goal is to move that slogan from the third person to the first person (MY, ME AND I).



We believe in treating our customers with integrity and faith, we integrate honesty and fair play in our business ethics and in all of our functioning.



With two years of research UMIUM stood on a platform of readiness. Their first introduction to the 

Public was 21st December 2014, June said response was as she had expected, once you taste UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread you will love it . On the 1st January 2015 the Jamaica Observer ltd. did a publication featuring UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread exclusively on the cover page plus two additional pages. They produced and posted a video on YouTube titled:- umium chocolate    In one 

and a half month UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread is available in sixteen supermarket and several pending.



UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread complements bread, biscuit, pancake, waffle, French toast, yogurt,  ice-cream and as a dip or topping, it is also excellent in coffee. UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread can also be used as an ingredient in backed products and can be used as you would use bar-b-q sauce on meat. June said that they presently have a group of chefs who are formulating new recipes with the usage of UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread.



Jojo June and Walter’s granddaughter was instrumental in the naming of the company, Jojo said the chocolate spread should be named “UM-I-UM because it is so yummy”.   

UMIUM is involved with Chancery Hall Youth Club they plan on developing a mentorship program. UMIUM also have some involvement with a group of young chefs


UMIUM is embracing its heritage and moving confidently into the future.


10th February 2015