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Garry Parrish Supplier

Garry Parrish , former restaurateur now serving up “food for thought”. I realized early in my life my ability to manipulate words and as such took up writing as a hobby and it evolved into something with a motivational and humorous appeal. After leaving the restaurant business with a passion for both food and writing I wanted to ensure that my passions for both could become profitable in my next business venture. This gave birth to “Granny Seh!!” which began as menus of authentic Jamaican cuisine on plaques and also Jamaican proverbs written by me. Because of the various topics that I chose to write about “Garry’s” was trademarked and this has illustrative artwork with inspirational quotes and are on a variety of souvenir items including desk/wall plaques and fridge magnets to name a few. My years in business has taught me the importance of customer service and efficient leadership and “So So Jamaican Product” was created and it highlights landmark photographs with corporate quotes.

All three trademarks “Garry’s, Granny Seh and So So Jamaican Product” together form Garry’s Concept that began in 2012. Experiences garnered from my involvement in many businesses have provided a wealth of inspiration which I plan to impart with others. The growth and development of my business are centred on the following core values, faith, perseverance and integrity.



Vision Statement:  Preserving our rich traditional food culture, inspire and motivate, competing among world renowned writers and making a name internationally