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Bee Sweet Supplier

History Bee Sweet

The idea of Beesweet Honey Products which was registered on the 7/01/ 2013came out of thedesperation of finding a business that was viable. As a livestock farmer for over 23 years I’ve experienced the revolving problem of glut and the perennial issue of low pork prices and high feed cost with these experiences I decided I had to find a venture that is more stable, the advantages of beekeeping are as follows

  1. Bees do not compete with humans for food; this eliminates the need for corn and soya bean.
  2. The demands for the products of the bee hive have been growing steadily.
  3. Honey is not perishable and does not need refrigeration.
  4. Honey is the least expensive product in the bee hive and they are about six products.
  5. My inspiration for producing the products we produce came out of the love to do value added products, for instance when the bees produce honey I see it as a raw material for a product.

The core values of the business is to provide our customers with products that contribute to their health and well being and also to preserved the environment, food security and a safe place to work.

The vision for BeeSweet is to:

  1. Increase the apiary from nine colonies of bees to one hundred over the next three years this would assist the business to meet our demand for honey and other hive products.
  2. To supply two major supermarkets by 2016 and to be able to export to the Caribbean Community by the year 2020.