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Opportunity Evening

The Wealth In Oils

Need ideas? You will want to soak this up! The Opportunity Evening hosted by the JBDC’s Business Advisory Services Department is a new quarterly series designed to expose entrepreneurs to market trends and untapped business opportunities through discussion and networking. Did you know? In 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries embarked on a drive to have a sustained production of castor oil beans in the island to meet the demand of local and overseas markets? Castor oil beans are used to manufacture a wide variety of products, including lubricants, plastics, paints, and hair and skin care ointments. The early Egyptians used it to protect their bodies from the dry desert windstorms, while in Jamaica; it is best known as a laxative to keep the bowels clean and as a hair treatment. This will be the first time that the Government will be moving to have the castor plant that grows wildly in many parishes, commercially grown as part of the productive sector.  The beans sell for in excess of $250 per pound with one acre of land yielding an average of 1,000 pounds. Imagine what you could do with coconut oil or pimento oil! Let’s talk about Opportunities in Agro-Processing: The Wealth in Oils. Limited spaces available.

by invitation only