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People start and operate businesses for many reasons. Regardless of why you are interested in starting and operating your own business, we want you to be successful. A successful business is good for you, the people that work for you, and the country's economy. An unsuccessful business disrupts human lives, wastes capital, and hurts the state's economy.
Establishing a business is not particularly difficult. However, planning for and developing a profitable, growing business is a complex, ongoing process. Adequate planning, attention to details, and realistic expectations are critical to your success, especially if the business grows rapidly.

This Business Start up Guide is designed to:

  • provide you with an overview of the major steps the Jamaica Business Development Center considers crucial to planning and starting a business, and
  • provide you with useful information you can use in planning and starting your business.

Just Starting Out?

Take advantage of JBDC resources

  • Our Business Services is the quickest way for you to take that first step!
  • You can get additional specific information from our Publications library.
  • Attend a training session and have all your questions answered by a JBDC business advisor.
  • Use our Business Toolbox to estimate how much of a loan you can afford, calculate loan payments, project cash flow, and more.
  • Sign up for the JBDC's announcement list and receive e-mailed notices of our training seminars and special events in your area.


Starting an on-line business?

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